We’ve been working hard over the summer to make sure that the 2021/22 White Rose Maths schemes will be better than ever.  Here’s what we’ve been up to!

Making it easier to find everything you need

We’ve started to change our overview pages on our main website so that when you click on a block you are now taken to a page like this, where you can instantly access all the resources you need for that block. Some of the materials you can access are also explained below. We’ll continue to update each block over the coming weeks.

Answers to Exemplar Questions

By popular demand, we started producing answers to our exemplar questions with the Year 7 Summer blocks at the end of last year. We’re now rolling this out to every year group with the first two blocks available now and the remainder being released at least two weeks before scheduled first teaching. Available on our main Secondary resources page each of the editable exemplar questions is on its own page with the answer next to the question on the next page.

High Attainer guidance

We are complementing our popular KS3 Low Attainer guidance documents with challenges for the higher attainer students too. These can be used in setted or mixed attainment classes and you can vary the challenge by choosing what scaffolding you wish to provide. Each task comes with supporting teacher notes. The tasks for the first two blocks of each of Years 7,8 and 9 are available on our SOL pages now with more to follow very soon.

Secure end-of-block assessments

Alternative versions of the end-of-block assessments are now being released on our Premium Resources website. The assessments for the first half term are already available and we will continue to roll these out over the coming year.

Brand new Year 10 block!

Acting on your feedback, we have reduced the Data block in Year 10 from six weeks to four weeks to make room for an extra block at the end of Year 10. “Expressions” acts as a refresher for all students on the algebraic skills learnt earlier in the year, and provides an in-depth look at algebraic fractions for Higher tier students. These skills will of course continue to be practiced in Year 11 – nothing has been removed, this is just a little extra. The Premium Resources worksheets and other supporting resources for this material will be released well before first teaching.

New Year 9 step

We’ve also added a step “Expand three binomials” as a Higher step to our Year 9 “Testing Conjectures” block. Previously this has been suggested as an extension in other blocks, but we have decided to give it a step of its own, complete with its own Premium Resources worksheet. This will be available before the end of September, and can be used with Year 10 and 11 students as well if needed.

Complete Secondary Small Steps

We’ve updated our full list of small steps to take into account these changes.

Coming soon…

  • Building on the success of similar network sessions at our Brunch and Picnic events, we will be regularly hosting “Ask a Specialist” drop-in Zoom sessions, free of charge. This will give you the chance to ask any questions you have about WRM and to share ideas with fellow practitioners. Keep an eye out for further details on our Twitter account @WRMathsSec
  • Additional end-of-term assessments will be available for Years 9 and 10 on our Premium Resources website, starting with the Autumn term assessments in the week after Autumn half term.
  • Year 11 end-of-term assessments will be available from our main website, also starting with the Autumn term assessments in the week after Autumn half term, with alternative versions following for Premium Resources subscribers next year.

We hope you like the changes and the new materials. As ever, if you have any questions please email us at support@whiterosemaths.com

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