White Rose Maths Exhibits at GESS Dubai

What is GESS Dubai? This February I had the pleasure of attending the GESS Dubai Exhibition for the second time, but my first as an exhibitor. I was accompanied by […]

Year 1 Assessments – the next step!

At the end of March, White Rose Maths announced that we would be discontinuing our Year 1 mini assessments. Within our announcement, we explained the reasons for doing this. Our […]

Facing Maths Anxiety

Do any of these sound familiar? 40% of students are anxious about maths at least ‘sometimes’, with 10% of primary and secondary school children being likely to experience high levels […]

See the Magic Happen… with Power Maths!

“Power Maths – it’s every teacher’s dream!” A Maths Lead’s reflections on Pearson’s new programme – Part 1 Mostaque Kamaly joint Maths Lead at Hague Primary School in Bethnal Green […]

Mind Your Language

Think about this question: ‘Express 75 as a product of its prime factors’. Many students are unable to answer questions like this in a test situation, despite having successfully performed […]