Reasoning & Problem Solving Twilight (Essex) KS1/KS2

As we know teachers are extremely busy and don’t always get the opportunity to have a day out of school for CPD. We wanted to provide you with an alternative, so you can still benefit the great WRM sessions without impacting on the school day.

Reasoning and Problem Solving are two of the key aims of the National Curriculum. In this course, we focus on how to develop reasoning for all students by using stem sentences and concrete and pictorial models to support explanations. We examine why some students struggle with problem solving, and how we can overcome these issues through the use of goal-free problems and enabling prompts. Using practical examples, we investigate how to support and challenge all learners within problem solving, giving delegates a variety of activities to take back to the classroom.

The day is suitable for:


Lower KS2

Upper KS2


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