Day 1
Mastery and the Ofsted framework
Designed for primary leaders from EYFS to KS2, this course will demonstrate how teaching for mastery fits with the Ofsted framework.
The current Ofsted inspection framework places an increased emphasis on schools to ensure they are developing and delivering a curriculum that works best for their children.
With many schools on paths towards a mastery approach, leaders may be thinking about how the current framework might change their plans.
This course will help leaders to understand how mastery fits in with the framework, as well as giving guidance around areas such as:
What to look for in the classroom
What differentiation in maths might look like
How to develop subject knowledge of your staff
How to help with teacher workload

Day 2
This full day of training combines two of the most impactful sessions that White Rose Maths provides.

Understanding Fluency
While reasoning and problem solving skills are high on the agenda in schools but it is important to not forget about the basics!
Conceptual knowledge is crucial for children’s maths progress; however, often the biggest gaps in attainment are held in a lack of knowledge of basic facts. This course takes a look at the importance of flexibility and how this can help close the gap between our higher and lower attaining children.
This course looks at how we can support our children to become fluent and possess a deeper understanding of key maths facts.

Thinking Through Variation
This session focuses on how teachers consider how the students in their classroom are learning and ensure all students develop a deep understanding of mathematical concepts.
Focusing on variation, this thought-provoking session looks at how teachers can consider every aspect of a topic in order to develop strong foundations of understanding for their students.
Covering many areas of the curriculum, the session focuses on the underlying structures behind the maths and how to plan for these children to undercover these in a practical and accessible way.

The day is suitable for:
Lower KS2
Upper KS2

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