Bar Modelling: Deeper Learning (Portsmouth) KS1/KS2/KS3

Bar Modelling: Deeper Learning

Bar Modelling is a cornerstone to the maths mastery approach. It accelerates learning by offering children and young people a visual method of learning and problem solving. This course explores how to use Bar Modelling as a bridge between concrete and abstract methods and gives delegates the skills and confidence to compose their own bar models.

This method is a cornerstone of a successful mastery approach. You do not have to be considering a mastery curriculum to benefit; this method can be used to teach a range of mathematical concepts effectively.

Some of the key topics that this training includes:

  • An overview of Bar Modelling and how this powerful approach works.
  • How you can prepare students for use of the Bar Modelling approach.
  • Extensive examples of how Bar Modelling can be used to help students plan how to solve complex worded problems.
  • How Bar Modelling can stretch and challenge your more advanced ability students.
  • Extensive opportunities for you to try your hand at Bar Modelling and understand how to use it in the classroom.

This is an intense one day course designed to equip you to be able to use Bar Modelling with confidence in your classroom.

This course is suitable for:

  • KS1
  • Lower KS2
  • Upper KS2
  • KS3

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