Bar Modelling and Planning for Depth (Liverpool) KS1/KS2

Until now, White Rose Maths has been delivering 5 key Jigsaw Twilights up, down and around the UK. 

By popular demand we have combined two Primary courses together to create an extended morning and afternoon version available for full day training.

The morning session delivers content to make you consider…

Bar Modelling

Bar Modelling is a cornerstone to the teaching for mastery approach, and is of course associated with some of the leading practice and results in the world. This course will introduce staff to the basic principles of bar modelling, explore how it can represent a variety of topics and use it to make sense of tricky, worded problems.

The afternoon session delivers… 

Planning for Depth

What do teachers think about when they plan a lesson? ‘What resources should I use?’ ‘What activities do I want the students to do?’ How often do we think ‘what do I want students to think about?’ ‘How many different methods are there to solve the problem?’ This course looks at procedural variation to challenge students and deepen their understanding. The workshops are practical, thought-provoking and equip teachers to put what they learn into practice the very next day.

The day is suitable for:


Lower KS2

Upper KS2

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