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Thank you for your wonderful response to our Secondary Brunch event, where teachers all over the world were inspired through the sharing of best practice. We are so excited about this, that we want to go further!

Let us introduce you to our ‘Secondary Snacks’. These are free short videos demonstrating bite-size teaching tips. Each video will offer practical ideas for teaching a concept and importantly will be easy to digest, all being under 10 minutes in length!

We hope you enjoy this series of secondary snacks and find some ‘tips’ for the classroom. We’re hoping to start on another series of secondary snacks starting in the next academic year.

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Year 7 – Directed Number

In this first Secondary Snack, the use of double-sided counters alongside number lines is demonstrated, providing the support students need to answer the question “Why is adding a negative the same as subtracting?”

Year 8 – Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

In this second Secondary Snack, Tim considers how to maximise the use of bar models when calculating the original amount after a percentage decrease, and he then links this with different strategies for solving the problem.

Year 7 – Fractional Thinking

This secondary snack explores the importance of the whole and representations of this, including bar models and number lines, in the addition and subtraction of fractions.

Year 8 – Standard Index Form

This snack considers the importance of the power of zero when moving between positive and negative indices. Building on prior knowledge, and then using pattern spotting and place value tables, it explores how to develop conceptual understanding.

Year 9 – Similarity

This snack explores the misconceptions that students have about similar shapes and then considers strategies to address these.

Year 8 – Parallel Lines

This snack looks at investigating the angle relationships in parallel lines and answers the question, “What’s a set square for?”

Year 7 – Developing Geometrical Reasoning

In this snack we explore how we can promote efficiency within students’ geometric reasoning, and how we should never make assumptions, even if we’re convinced we are correct!

Year 9 – Ratio and Proportion

This snack looks at how to get the most out of review steps. It focuses on visualising multiplicative relationships when two variables are in direct proportion and explores using examples and non-examples to check on understanding.

Year 7 – Developing Number Sense

This is a tasty snack that’s full of ideas for developing number sense. It explores different strategies, how to support understanding using diagrams, and links to algebraic thinking.

Year 8 – Line Symmetry and Reflection

How do we support students effectively to reflect objects in a diagonal line? This snack shares ideas to scaffold this skill, so that students have a strategy to use if they are unable to visualise the reflection.

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