Secondary SOL – FREE Secondary maths teaching resources

Welcome to the new five-year scheme of learning for secondary mathematics. Development of the Year 7 Schemes are now well underway – Summer blocks are now being added and the first is ready to download. Select the year and term below to reveal the resources that are currently available.

In addition, supplementary materials are available to support teaching of our Schemes. To help you monitor progress throughout the year to inform future planning, we also provide assessments. These include end of block assessments and end of term assessments.

Classroom resources such as interactive whiteboard files are available for you to download and use to consolidate learning from our Schemes.

Best of all, these secondary maths teaching resources are all FREE!

We have listened to what teachers have said about our previous Key Stage 3 scheme, and these overviews have been developed by practicing secondary practitioners within the White Rose Maths team in conjunction with other colleagues in schools.

Click here to download the 5 year overview