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Premium Resources – for each small step!

We’re building a whole series of premium teaching resources to complement our Schemes of Learning.


There’s a worksheet for every small step from Year 1 to Year 8 (more to follow), provided in 3 formats so you can use them in the way you want.

• Worksheets provided in three different formats:

  1. Write on worksheet
  2. Display version
  3. Powerpoint – a slide for each question

• Answers

Download a free sample here

Flashback 4

Encourage students to revisit learning using Flashback 4.

We use the principles of spaced learning to recall the appropriate concepts:

  • The first question is likely to be something children did in the previous lesson.
  • The next question is something they did last week, to keep that ticking over.
  • The third and fourth questions are related to concepts they studied last month, or maybe much earlier in the year (or even last year).

Download a free sample here

True or False

Check that content has been embedded with our True or False questions.

  • Perfect as a lesson starter to get your kids thinking.
  • Encourage recap and discussion.
  • Follow the WRM Schemes of Learning.


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