Essential summer learning – at home or at school

We know that learning this summer term is likely to be blended, with some home and online learning, but increasingly some classroom teaching time too. So how might it be best to ensure students cover the essential summer term maths they need, whether at home or at school?

We’re always keen to help, so we’ve teamed up again with our fantastic colleagues at White Rose Maths to bring you Power Maths Summer Home Edition books. This is a comprehensive learning package to help you make sure that every child has the essential maths skills and understanding they need this summer term.

What are the Summer Home Editions?

The Home Editions provide a ready-made customized scheme of work for the summer term to minimize disruption and ensure the essential learning is covered, in a clear, accessible and logical order. All content is carefully selected from the DFE recommended* Power Maths scheme and neatly aligned with the revised White Rose Maths summer term plans. Following these Home Edition books will help to:

  •       consolidate the key number skills and understanding that children have been developing this year
  •       introduce essential new learning from term C as a foundation for the next year’s Programme of Study.

This will maximise children’s chance of being September-ready.

How to use at home or at school

The Summer Home Edition books will provide teachers, parents and children with a single, self-contained path to follow through the summer term. With just one write-in book for each year group, from Year 1 to Year 6, this can ease home-school communication about a child’s progress, allowing a teacher or parent to pick up learning exactly where it was last left off.

These clear, attractive and engaging books make maths fun and accessible! All lessons follow a simplified Power Maths format that:

  •       inspires enjoyable parent-child learning sessions
  •       provides an easy-to-follow structure for in-class teaching, e.g. for teaching assistants

Each lesson is structured as follows:

  •   Discover – an activity designed to enthuse children and prompt curiosity, with full colour images to bring maths to life
  •   Share – an explanation of how to solve the Discover question, so parents or teachers can support children
  •   Practice – two pages of practice questions for students to complete in the book, to secure understanding and help children to get confident with each topic!

These books would be great to use alongside the White Rose Maths home learning videos.

Please note: If you are following the White Rose Maths summer plans, these books start from Week 3 of the summer term to allow time for you to order books and for delivery.

***Existing Power Maths users – please note: If you are already a Power Maths user, please be aware that the content of these Power Maths books are pulled from the books already available. You may have used some of these pages already. We still feel it can be used for practice and to recap vital topics, however we wanted to make you aware. If you are a Power Maths school you can email us and request a digital copy of the book to look at. Please email if you wish to view the books or amend your order
Please allow approximately 7 working days from your ‘Order Complete’ email notification for Power Maths book orders to be delivered. Orders may be split into more than one delivery, again, please allow 7 working days for your full order to reach you. Due to the current situation, delivery times are approximate but please do contact us if your order exceeds this timescale.

Sample Pages

** More information on this service can be found here. If you are using the deliver to homes service from you should alert the parents/carers of the children to expect a delivery.

*Power Maths KS1 and KS2 have been judged by the DfE panel to meet the core criteria for a high-quality textbook.