Supporting Resources to Make Maths an Adventure!

We are frequently asked by schools for resources to support the use of our Schemes of Learning, so we’re excited to announce that in partnership with White Rose Maths, Pearson has produced Power Maths. A textbook and workbook series that fits alongside our Schemes, Power Maths is designed with curiosity at its heart aiming to make maths a journey of adventure and discovery for every child!

Power Maths has been approved by the DfE as a recommended textbook at KS1 and KS2, judged as “fully delivering a mastery approach”. Furthermore, Power Maths is one of only two textbook programmes that fit the NCETM’s textbook criteria.

Our Scheme of Learning was designed to provide an example overview of a year’s teaching sequence, broken down into a series of ‘small steps’ to help teachers plan lessons. The schemes were never intended to be used as worksheets, and we do not recommend they are used in this way.

White Rose Maths is proud to have worked with Pearson on the series. And, we’re delighted to see that many schools are already using Power Maths to support teaching and learning in order to get the most out of using our Schemes of Learning.

So what does a Power Maths lesson look like? Making maths an adventure…

Every lesson starts with a Discover task to get children to solve a problem that aims to generate curiosity. During the Discover section children may use manipulatives to help them understand the maths and explain their method.

The next stage encourages children to Share the methods they have tried to solve the problem in Discover.

We only learn when we are thinking! In this section Power Maths takes the approach “I do, we do, you do”, as children apply the knowledge they have just learned in a series of problems that continue to encourage thinking throughout.

Children are then ready for some independent Practice.

The final Reflect question helps the children evaluate whether they have understood the key concept and small step that they have been trying to master in the lesson.

Find out more about the Power Maths adventure here!

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