Mixed Age SOL and Progression Resources

NEW! Lesson-by-lesson overviews 2020/21

Our Mixed Age Lesson-by-lesson overviews are here! We’ve produced a mixed age lesson by lesson progression for the Autumn & Spring terms. Summer content will follow.

The lesson by lesson overviews have been created using the following yearly plans:
Year 1/2- Follow single age Year 1 and single age Year 2 separately.
Year 2/3- Follow the order of single age Year 2.
Year 3/4- Follow the order of mixed age Year 3/4.
Year 4/5- Follow the order of mixed age Year 4/5.
Year 5/6- Follow the order of mixed age Year 5/6.

Autumn, Spring and Summer Schemes of Learning for mixed age classes can be found below.  Select the blocks you want to download using the table below, by clicking on the year group and term. If you are following the lesson by lesson progression, use single age overviews for Year 1/2 and use the Year 2 yearly overview for Year 2/3. For all other mixed age classes, follow the yearly overviews below.