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Day 13 – Problems of the Day 2020

Here are your problems for day 13. There's more opportunities to use your bar modelling skills with these problems. Don't forget to share your solutions and explanations to help others. We'll be sending out lots of certificates at the end of March! #MathsEveryoneCan

Day 12 – Problems of the Day 2020

Today's problems are sure to get you thinking! We highly recommend a bar model for Q2! Good luck #MathsEveryoneCan

Day 11 – Problems of the Day 2020

Your bar modelling skills should help you with today's problem. Can you make up a similar problem of your own? #MathsEveryoneCan

Day 10 – Problems of the Day 2020

Well done to everyone who managed to tackle yesterday's question 3. There are plenty of great video explanations to watch and solutions to look at on our twitter feed if you are stuck @whiterosemaths.

Here are your questions for day 10 - Good luck #MathsEveryoneCan

Day 9 – Problems of the Day 2020

Good luck with the problems for day 9. Question 3 is a tricky one! We're looking forward to seeing your strategies #MathsEveryoneCan