Have you completed the White Rose Maths Assessments?
Would you like to compare your primary children’s performance to children across the country?
Would an idea of mark boundaries for particular performance be useful?

White Rose Maths - Markbook

This year for the first time, White Rose Maths has collaborated with the leading educational publisher, Pearson, to help schools answer these questions and many more. We’ve developed an online markbook in which schools across the country can enter their data and then compare themselves with other schools. The markbook is completely free and allows you to:

  • compare class performance on assessment across your school
  • compare student performance against other children
  • see the national average score for each individual question and identify which topics might need more work
  • assess whether your children have met age-related expectations (for those schools who enter data we’ll release a set of data showing the marks for the top 10% / 20% /30% of children, and so on).

In addition, we’ll run a series of free CPD sessions in January on the five topics in which children struggled most.

The White Rose Maths Markbook can be accessed through the ActiveLearn platform and you can sign up to the markbook below. Remember ­- this is all absolutely FREE!

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In order for us to secure sufficient data for comparison, we need 400 schools to enter their information: we can then release the national average.

Thank you for your support.