Secondary Maths Teacher Training Course

Full Day / 5 Hours



Over the last few years, White Rose Maths has led the way in supporting schools to adopt a mastery approach in both primary and secondary schools, leading to vastly improved confidence for both teachers and pupils.

The course is geared towards leaders in the department or people who are interested in implementing a mastery maths curriculum and will include an introduction to all of the following:
• The Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract progression – how to use concrete materials and pictorial representation to develop students’ understanding of the increasingly abstract ideas they meet in secondary mathematics
• Bar Modelling – how to use this powerful visual tool to represent problems and support their solution
• Mathematical talk and questioning – how simple but effective techniques can be embedded into the maths classroom
• Reasoning and Problem Solving – how teachers can weave these elements of the national curriculum into their everyday teaching so that all learners are challenged and supported
• Thinking Through Variation – how to vary concepts and to design and use questions that leads to intelligent practice, enabling students to have a secure understanding of their learning

Delegates will receive plenty of practical ideas for immediate use back in the classroom and will be a great way to see if the White Rose Maths JIGSAW package is something you would like for your school where each of the day’s sessions are explored in more detail.

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