Online Training courses – convenient learning in bite-sized chunks

Three of our popular training courses are now available to complete online!

Take a journey through the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach, learn how to use Bar Modelling to give maths a whole new meaning, or explore how to spot patterns and make connections with Thinking Through Variation!

Online training is a flexible tool, ideal for collaborative learning (such as in staff meetings or team workshops) and equally good for independent study, allowing busy teachers to work at their own pace. In other words, whatever works best for you!

Access to the courses can be purchased through our Online Training and Premium Resources Centre. When you buy an online training course you also get a downloadable workbook with additional questions and reflections that add value as you work through the videos.

View a free sample for each of our online courses here…

Bar Modelling Explored

Thinking Through Variation

Concrete Pictorial Abstract

White Rose Maths Awards