Jigsaw Plus is a brand new 3 day training course based on our core mastery CPD sessions. The day sessions are interlinked, each day concludes with delegates producing an action plan, and taking away a gap task to work on between the sessions. For this reason Jigsaw Plus must be booked for and attended on all 3 days.

Are you looking to implement mastery approaches in your school in September?

Have you already started your journey towards mastery but are looking to take the teaching and learning in you school to the next level?

Jigsaw Plus is for you!

We’ve been successfully delivering five core mastery CPD sessions for the last three years, and we’ve come to appreciate that the greatest impact and value for delegates happens when the sessions are delivered as a dynamic package. Combine these five CPD sessions with our very successful ‘Schemes Explored!’ session, and you are sure to have the tools at your fingertips to develop and implement an effective action plan to enhance mathematics within your school.

Aimed at leaders, the 3 days will provide training in how to effectively embed White Rose Maths Schemes of Learning alongside CPA, Bar Modelling, Mathematical Talk & Questioning, Reasoning & Problem Solving and Thinking Through Variation across KS1 and KS2. Within each of the 3 days, participants will have the opportunity to work with a Primary Maths specialist to write and refine an action plan that will support the implementation of mastery methods within your setting.

Here’s an overview of each day of training

White Rose Maths Schemes Explored

Do your pupils find the new primary maths approach challenging?
Our primary SOLs help you teach for deep and lasting understanding by changing mindsets and building confidence as well as skills. To help you get the very best from these valuable materials, this session gives you all the practical information, guidance and inspiration you need to implement, deliver and manage these SOLs in your Primary school. The course leader can help advise how to implement the SOLs in your school, from mixed age classes to large, multi-form entry settings.

Concrete – Pictorial – Abstract

Concrete manipulatives are fundamental to the powerful Concrete-Pictorial- Abstract (CPA) approach and are a key resource in developing a deep understanding of maths for pupils of all ages. This hands-on course will look at how concrete resources can be used across the curriculum to introduce a topic and create firm foundations of understanding. Building on the concrete, we will look at the transition into pictorial and abstract focusing on how and why abstract methods work. In this session, we will look at the versatility of resources and how a few key resources can support learning across the curriculum.

Action planning (laptop required)
You will get the opportunity to consider the key points from the day that are most relevant to your school in order to make improvements to teaching and learning. You will be able to start writing an action plan, with the support of a Primary Maths specialist, and a gap task will be given to ensure the groundwork for your action plan is in place.

Bar Modelling
Bar Modelling is a cornerstone to the teaching for mastery approach, and is of course associated with some of the leading practice and results in the world. This course will introduce staff to the basic principles of bar modelling, explore how it can represent a variety of topics and use it to make sense of tricky, worded problems.

Mathematical Talk & Questioning
Have you ever asked students to talk about their learning then found they quickly go off task? Getting students talking about maths can be difficult but it is an essential part of embedding learning. This session will help teachers put structures and routines in place in their classroom so that meaningful talk can take place. In addition, this course looks at how to enhance a teacher’s modelling and questioning skills and how to plan questions that challenge students and deepen their understanding. The session is practical, thought-provoking and equip teachers to put what they learn into practice the very next day.

Action planning (laptop required)
This section of the day will offer you the opportunity review and refine the action plan that was started on day 1. There will be another gap task to ensure the momentum of effective change is maintained.

Reasoning & Problem Solving
Reasoning and Problem Solving are two of the key aims of the National Curriculum. In this course, we focus on how to develop reasoning for all students by using stem sentences and concrete and pictorial models to support explanations. We examine why some students struggle with problem solving, and how we can overcome these issues through the use of goal-free problems and enabling prompts. Using practical examples, we investigate how to support and challenge all learners within problem solving, giving delegates a variety of activities to take back to the classroom.

Thinking Through Variation
This session focuses on how teachers can plan to ensure that all students develop a deep understanding of mathematical concepts. Focusing on variation, this thought-provoking session looks at how teachers can consider every aspect of a topic in order to develop strong foundations of understanding for their students. Covering many areas of the curriculum, the session focuses on the underlying structures behind the Mathematics and how to plan for these in a practical and accessible way.

Action planning (laptop required)
The last part of the day will give the opportunity to complete the action plan using the key points made during the Reasoning & Problem Solving and Planning for Depth sessions. There will be the chance assess progress so far and ensure the necessary steps are planned for in order to embed mastery approaches across the school during the new academic year.

Who is this suitable for?

This unique training is aimed at maths subject leaders and senior leaders but would also be useful for any KS1 or KS2 practitioners.

Where and When?

We are running Jigsaw Plus courses in two locations, which will take place over Summer term. Click on your nearest location below to book your place – currently we are offering a special 2-for-1 rate on bookings for this series of sessions. Don’t miss out!

20th May | 17th June | 5th July

23rd May | 21st July | 11th July