White Rose Maths have some of the highest quality tutors of any programme and we invest in their development via weekly CPD and coaching. Our tutors are all experienced in delivering the White Rose Maths tutoring programme and are passionate about providing all pupils with the highest quality tuition. The range of different backgrounds and experience in our tutor team means that we have expertise in all key stages.

Ehjaz Gull

Laura Johnstone

Benjamin Hogg

Caitlyn Lockey

Christian Nistri

Christopher Langton

Danielle Todd

Denny Stretton

Huma Javed

Alexander Brook

Katya Lyal-Watson

Ian Hanson

Anne Masterson

Louise Clelford

Maryam Sultan

Ivan Ho

Lydia Goodall

Nicola Wilkinson

Peter Murphy

Vaibhav Saini

White Rose Maths Awards