“Top quality, low-cost and hassle-free!” – How one school is making great use of the new work booklets from White Rose Maths

In common with 80% of England’s primary schools, Akroydon Primary in Yorkshire uses the White Rose Maths Schemes of Learning to plan and inform its maths curriculum. The staff love the way the schemes – and the wide range of resources, too – help them to inspire a new generation to become successful, confident and enthusiastic mathematicians from Reception onwards.

The backstory

In response to the mass school closures caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the White Rose Maths team offered a host of home learning materials, including hundreds of free daily videos to help teachers, parents and children continue the fun and challenge of mastering maths. As premium White Rose Maths subscribers*, the Akroydon teachers have access to the high-quality worksheets designed to accompany the videos and like fellow professionals worldwide, they’ve found them engaging, effective and super-popular with the children. Now, following a flood of requests, the White Rose team is publishing the premium primary worksheets in attractive, full-colour printed A4 booklets for use either in school or at home, and available to all (not just premium subscribers) from just £1 each.

Akroydon Primary: three great ways of using the work booklets

Keen to share ideas and feedback, Akroydon Vice Principal, Oliver Grant-Roberts, describes how the team is currently using these work booklets, and their thoughts so far:

1. Everyday use – in school and at home
“We use the White Rose Maths schemes and lesson-by-lesson overviews throughout the school, and the booklets add yet another top quality layer of time- and stress-saving benefits on top of those! We no longer spend precious time printing and sorting worksheets: the new booklets fit perfectly with the video content and they’re ready to go wherever they’re needed. They even include the recap steps that White Rose Maths featured in their newly adapted schemes. If you choose, White Rose Maths will also post booklets direct to children’s homes.”

2. For interventions
“At Akroydon, we’re building in extra catch-up sessions (either with a tutor or a learning mentor) for children who need them. Of course, not all our practitioners are maths specialists, so it’s really important that we provide high quality, clear and easy-to-use learning materials for these vital sessions. The work booklets are ideal: a specialist sets up the relevant videos and booklets for the tutor or mentor, and it all works brilliantly. We really like the fact that there are no year groups indicated on the booklets themselves, so you can use material designed for any age group, helping every child to feel proud of their own progress.”

3. During local lockdowns
“Our school is currently not in a local lockdown area, and but we know the situation could change overnight. In these unpredictable times, these low-cost booklets are a huge reassurance that children can have White Rose Maths-aligned materials ready at home, whenever they need them.”

* While White Rose Maths continues to offer many resources free of charge, schools can also access a wealth of premium resources for a low annual membership fee which starts at just £99 for schools and £19.99 for individual teachers.

Interested in using the new work booklets for your primary children?
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