“Power Maths – it’s every teacher’s dream!”

A Maths Lead’s reflections on Pearson’s new programme – Part 2

See the magic happen…
In little more than a term, Mostaque Kamaly and his colleagues have used the Power Maths programme to make big changes to mindsets, enjoyment and progression at Hague Primary School. They are excited about seeing the change in outcomes a little further down the line, and meanwhile, Mostaque is keen to highlight five of the greatest benefits that Power Maths has brought to the school.

It ensures coverage
“The yearly overview on the website is useful for ensuring good coverage of all curriculum objectives, and even shows us the relevant objectives alongside each strand, which is really helpful. I’m always concerned about coverage and this overview helps me check that we’re on top of everything.”

Steady progression
“The Power Maths progression has a really steady pace, always building through CPA and deepening understanding. You can actually see children’s insight, confidence and enjoyment growing day after day!”

It promotes thinking and talk
“Children no longer have to simply find the answer to a problem, they are now being asked to explain how they found it. They have to justify, to prove and then explore alternative ways of solving it, too! As a result, children are increasingly comfortable with articulating their thoughts and using mathematical vocabulary to do this.”

Great content and lower workload
Planning and preparation normally takes so much time – and as a one-form entry school that can mean even more work. However, Power Maths has drastically reduced my workload. Online access means I no longer need to trawl the Internet for resources; for example, you can show each page of the textbook on the screen, (so there’s no need to create separate PowerPoints). You can also access the online manipulatives that you’ll need in each lesson. The Power Maths textbooks, Practice Books and the online resources give everything you could ever need – it’s every teacher’s dream and exactly what I need for my class!

Impressive teacher support
The Teacher Guides are excellent. I especially like the way that each unit begins with a starter page, telling you what the children will learn and checking out that they have the prior knowledge they need with some sample problems. It also introduces any essential vocabulary.

These Guides provide a clear and detailed plan for every lesson and explain why tasks have been chosen. They also offer advice and explanation on key issues like interventions and misconceptions. It’s helpful material for every teacher, and especially valuable for building the knowledge and confidence of NQTs. Along with the helpful Power Maths characters (my children love them!), the level of detail makes the story of the lesson beautifully clear.

Mostaque’s top tips
If you’re new to Power Maths, or will be using it soon, then make it a priority for all classroom staff to observe and talk to teachers who are already using it. They’ll be able to offer some great insights on how to hit the ground running with this exciting programme. Below, we’ve picked out some of Mostaque’s own top tips to help get you started!

Mostaque Kamaly, Joint Maths Lead, Hague Primary School, Bethnal Green
  • Get a clear understanding of the lesson structure before you start, and plan your approach. Understanding the purpose behind each lesson section, how to deliver it and the key questions you’ll need to ask sets you up for top quality lessons.
  • Don’t be put off by the idea of whole-class maths teaching. While every child is working on the same activities, one might finish just a few questions while another reaches the final challenge in the same time. In other words, the programme does away with ‘differentiation by task’ and replaces it with ‘differentiation by outcome’.
  • In the Discover section, let yourself step back and take in just what the children are doing. Watching them explore collaboratively and with manipulatives gives you real insight into both their understanding and their misconceptions.
  • I find it handy to walk around the class, and make sticky notes about the methods they’re using, ready for the Share feedback section.
  • Take a good look at the Power Maths users’ website. It’s loaded with interactive books, slides, manipulatives and other materials that help you with modelling and cut your preparation time right down!

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