White Rose Maths is pleased to announce exciting new developments for 2018/19

As always we have listened to your requests and feedback and we have tried to deliver on as many of them as possible.

Small Changes – Primary Scheme Update

The primary schemes are staying as they are.  There are no changes to the order.  There will be some minor upgrades to the materials and we will collate the whole schemes into whole year documents for those that want it in one place.

Maths Primary Schemes update

Supporting the Primary Schemes – Mini Assessments and Interactive Whiteboard Files

To sit alongside the schemes of learning we have produced a series of Activ Inspire and Smart Notebook files that contain the images and templates from our schemes, so that you can use them at the front of class.  These will be released very shortly.

Maths Mini Assesments and Whiteboard files

In addition we are releasing a set of FREE mini-assessments for Y1 – Y6.  These will be short assessments that teachers can use at the end of each block to inform them of their children’s understanding.  These assessments are not designed be formal like our end of term ones, however schools can choose to use them how they would like.

Worried about printing costs?  From September our assessments will be available to buy printed and delivered to your door.  We can pass on the benefit of printing in bulk to schools, saving you money and time.

The wait is over – The new Secondary Schemes have arrived

The release of our brand new secondary schemes of learning is imminent.  You may have seen the recent Twitter and Facebook activity around the release.  The schemes have had a full overhaul.

Maths Secondary Schemes

The main differences are:

  • Using the current scheme, some teachers have found it difficult to cater for the differences in attainment in their schools when students start in Year 7. This new scheme aims to be a curriculum that works for all, taking into account the prior learning at primary school and that much of the KS3 national curriculum is not “new” to many students.  The scheme aims to build on this prior learning, recognising that some will be able to move faster through the content than others.
  • The new scheme also covers all five years of secondary schooling right up to the end of GCSE.
  • Similarly to our Primary schemes of learning, a ‘small steps’ breakdown will be provided to support teachers’ planning.
  • Interleaving of topics already studied to aid revision/recall/spaced learning will be heavily emphasised and exemplified. We will not be returning to a “spiral” curriculum, but we do acknowledge the need for revisiting key concepts regularly.

Beyond the Schemes

We have grown our CPD offer considerably this year and it will continue to grow as we move into 2018/19.  Particularly for secondary teachers, we will be providing professional development packages to support the implementation of our schemes of learning.


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