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Welcome to the White Rose Maths Summer Term Plans!

As you may know we’ve been working closely with the BBC Bitesize Daily Maths team to make a clear learning plan for the summer term. We all agree that it’s vital for children to be as well-prepared as possible for their next school year. To help make this happen, we’ve set out a 12-week learning plan that means children can:

  • make sure they understand the main concepts they need for their work next year
  • cover any new learning that they have not yet have done in school.

The 12-week plan

Summer Term 12 Week PlanThe plan shows the work that children will cover, week by week.

We have already published two weeks of White Rose Maths summer term learning on our Home Learning web page. Some of this differs a little from the BBC Bitesize plan – but only for the first two weeks. From Week 3 onwards, our plans run in line with each other.

This means that every day, there’s a learning video on our web page to watch and a link to that day’s BBC Bitesize page for more information and even more lesson content.

Masses of FREE materials from White Rose Maths!

White Rose Maths has always loved producing high quality learning materials that are available free of charge to everyone. And we’re thrilled to bits to see how widely our materials are used.

Don’t forget that you can use any of our free resources, any time you like. By the end of the summer we’ll have released:

  • two weeks of fun Easter activities
  • almost 500 home learning videos (with questions to try) for Year 1 – Year 8
  • over 150 premium worksheets and answers
  • A set of weekly Family Challenge questions
  • … and there will be more free stuff, so watch this space!

Extra content for premium subscribers

To those schools who have already bought our premium content – THANK YOU! Your purchase helps us create lots of FREE material for everyone to use! We also want you to know what we are doing especially for you.

  • From Week 4, the premium lesson worksheets will no longer be released with the videos. The worksheets will be available only to premium subscriber schools. You can then send these to your children as and when you wish.
  • To make things as simple as possible we have packaged the home learning content together at the start of each of our premium lessons. When you log in, you’ll see the home learning content neatly organised for you.
    Home Learning Layout
  • If you have not yet bought our premium content, you can do this simply by following this link. This high quality content is low on cost: prices start from just £49 for your whole school!
  • There’s exciting news for our secondary premium content subscribers… We are now adding worksheets for Y9 and Y10 to link to more new videos!
Summer Term Year 9 & Year 10

Frequently Asked Questions

We have had feedback from lots of teachers and schools about our summer term plans and what is best for children going forward. We decided that the best thing for children at this stage was to get them as ready as possible for the start of the new school year.

In order to do this, we have put together a one-off summer term progression. The 12-week progression contains

  • the basic number skills and understanding that children should have covered already but are vital for success going forward (these are mainly number topics)
  • essential new learning that they may not yet have covered.

We understand that some schools may choose to continue with the normal/existing summer term scheme of learning. We sought lots of advice on the best path to take and the vast majority of feedback was that schools, teachers and parents wanted a temporary scheme that prepared children for September. That is what we have put together.

The BBC Bitesize Daily team have been tasked with putting together resources for maths and other subjects. We have partnered with them in developing a 12-week learning progression for maths, and our summer 2020 scheme will largely align with the BBC’s suggested topics. We are following the same progression, which will hopefully avoid confusion for parents.

However, we are conscious that we have already put out two weeks of content for after Easter. This completes work from before the holidays and so our content will only fully align from Week 3 onwards (w/c 4th May 2020).

In the meantime, for Weeks 1 and 2, you can choose either to follow the White Rose Maths Home Learning content or the BBC Bitesize Daily content.

If you have been following our home learning content from the start you will notice that some topics are being repeated. Such as fractions with Year 3. Don’t worry, if you have already covered this content we will be providing an alternative for you to use. This will be clearly signposted with the repeated topics.

The Power Maths Home Learning books have been primarily designed for parents who might not have access to the videos or a printer at home.  The videos should be a close match and there are additional explanations in the Power Maths books to help. The White Rose home learning videos have been written to be a perfect fit for the premium subscription worksheets.  Some parents and schools are buying the books just for additional extra practice.

When we first released our content we only planned to publish four weeks of materials. However, we’ve been overwhelmed by the positive feedback about the videos and based on that feedback, we decided to continue producing them for all children to access free of charge.

However, it naturally seemed unfair to our premium subscribers that we would continue to give away content for which they are paying. We have given away over 150 premium sheets for free and these can still be accessed by everyone on our website, but now that the BBC Bitesize Daily materials (which we’ve helped to prepare) and indeed other free materials are available, we feel that there is enough free content out there for children to use alongside our videos, even if their school does not have a premium subscription.

They certainly do! The videos already include moments when children can pause and have a go at questions that are displayed on screen. Going forward, we’ll increase the number of questions, making the videos even more useful tutorials with or without the supporting worksheet.

Absolutely not! We’ve had fantastic feedback about our videos and they’ll continue to be free for all. Teachers and schools can, of course, use their own worksheet content alongside them if they wish. There are lots of free and suitable materials out there! You do not have to subscribe to the White Rose Maths premium resources to use the videos.

We are removing the premium content only for schools who don’t have a subscription. After all, if we always gave it away for free, there would be no premium subscription and then we would be unable to do so much of our work free of charge!

The videos are all available free. Even if you don’t subscribe to the premium resources, you can still link your own materials and questions to them. Of course, you’re very welcome to buy a subscription: we feel that with prices starting at just £99 (or £49 if you are an infant school). for a full 12 months’ access to everything, it’s very affordable for schools.

We believe that White Rose Maths leads the way in providing high quality, free content for schools to use, and our response to the COVID-19 crisis continues to demonstrate this. By the end of the summer we will have produced and released for free:

  • nearly 500 home learning videos for children
  • 150+ premium worksheets and answers
  • a carefully planned learning progression for summer 2020
  • 2 weeks of fun Easter activities

We already have plans for more free stuff… Watch this space!

So far we’ve made it easy for children and parents to download the premium worksheet content. Removing the premium content from the home learning pages will make it a bit more difficult, but we are looking at how best to simplify this.

We are organising the content on the premium website so that it is simple to follow and we are happy for schools with a subscription to put the content on their own websites during this time of school closures for parents to access.

Yes, that’s right. We’ve decided to produce a set of Y9 and Y10 videos to follow the summer progression. These videos can be accessed from our home learning pages, just like those for the other year groups. They will start w/c 4th May.

For our premium subscribers, we have also created a set of worksheets (with answers) to use alongside the videos.

If you like the content that we have already provided and would like to continue to use the premium worksheets, you can buy one of our packages. These start from £99 (or £49 if you are an infant school) and give you access to content for all primary or secondary year groups. The packages also buy you lots of extras!

By buying a premium package you are supporting the work we do and helping us to produce more of the exciting content that schools and teachers constantly want from us.

More details about what you get and costs can be found here.

We can’t answer that for you, but if you email your child’s school, they will be able to tell you.

Certainly! Simply inform our team that you are a parent and let us know which year groups’ content you need. We’ll include your children’s content until August 31st, all for the single subscription of £19.99.

We will continue to host the videos on the main White Rose Maths site.  BBC Bitesize Daily is releasing its own content which follows the same progression as our own.

We are working right now on a web page with all the details!  The first two summer weeks are already on the website and the new videos will be released each Friday, in advance of the new week.  We’ll release full detailed lists as soon as possible.

A single subscription is £19.99 and gives you access for the full school year. If you are a parent with more than one child we are happy to add on additional year groups for free until 31st August 2020.