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In case you’re visiting us for the first time, let’s introduce ourselves… White Rose Maths is a company founded within a high-performing, Halifax-based school Trust. Our work with teachers, practitioners, pupils, parents and carers is all aimed at one thing: helping every child and young person to understand, enjoy and succeed in maths. We do this by developing understanding. By truly understanding each maths concept and by mastering learning one step at a time, EVERYONE CAN DO MATHS: EVERYONE CAN!

The White Rose Maths ‘schemes of learning’ are hugely popular with schools in the UK and in many other countries, too. We also produce many other resources to help increase both fun and success in maths. Rooted in globally respected research, our resources are written by experienced, practising teachers and are available for pupils from nursery and primary years and through secondary school to GCSE.

The White Rose Maths schemes of learning

A scheme of learning is a clear, time-linked plan for learning. Our schemes are written for year groups and cover the whole school year of learning.

It’s quite likely that your child’s school already follows the White Rose Maths schemes. To find out, just check your child’s school website or ask their teacher. Even if the school is not currently using our schemes, don’t worry, as you can still use our videos and materials to help your child to learn and enjoy maths at home. You can view and download our schemes of learning and learning videos completely free of charge on the Home Learning section of our website.

Finding your way around the schemes

1 Blocks of learning
For each year group, the scheme of learning includes an overview of the maths that your child should be learning at any point in the year. Each year is split into the three terms (Autumn, Spring and Summer), and each term comprises individual blocks of learning about a particular topic. So the Year 4 overview looks like this (see right) and Autumn Block 2, for example, is focused on the topic of addition and subtraction. You’ll notice that in Key Stage1, Key Stage 2 and early secondary, we spend lots of time on building strong number skills. These important core skills lay a solid foundations for more complicated learning later on.
Year 4 Overview

Sometimes schools might be a little behind or ahead of the scheme schedule. This is absolutely fine: in fact, we deliberately build flexibility into our schemes to allow for these variations.

You can find your child’s Year overview here :

2 The small steps

We’ve divided each block of knowledge into a series of small learning steps. Together, these small steps cover all the curriculum content that your child needs to know.

Brain science tells us that by learning maths in small, related chunks, your child will remember more. We also used the best available research to map out the crucial learning steps that will help your child to understand clearly what they are learning.

White Rose Maths - Small Steps

Online Learning

The amazing teachers at White Rose Maths have produced home learning videos for every single small step. So if your child needs to work at home or catch up, these videos are fun, effective and super-easy to use!For each learning block we produce a set of questions for your child to solve. You can download and print these questions via our subscription, or buy them in workbook format from our online store.

Each workbook covers one block of learning, so the size of workbook depends on the length of the block.

Please note that both the subscription and the workbooks are available at a very low cost.

Home Learning Videos

Helping your child with maths (It’s far more fun than you think!)

Many people think they ‘can’t do maths’, but with exciting new teaching approaches, we’re proving day by day that every child really can love and succeed in maths! What’s more, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to support your child’s learning, so here are some helpful tips from our fantastic team.

  • Try not to hurry through the curriculum. Remember that understanding each small step is the path to your child’s success: rushing ahead simply doesn’t work!
  • If your child is struggling with particular topics, try looking instead at work on the same topics from earlier in the year or a previous year. This will help to plug any learning gaps and make sure your child understands the topic more clearly.
  • Use our free parent workbooks to identify where your child might be struggling. There is a workbook for every block at primary level ­- and the secondary workbooks will be on their way very soon!
  • Is your child finding maths easy? Why not have a go at some of our problem solving activities or bar modelling problems? These are great exercises for stretching young minds and building new skills and insights!

The White Rose Maths team are here to help. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by email. You can also sign up for our White Rose Maths Parent Newsletter. And of course, we’d love you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

We hope that our schemes, videos and other resources will be really helpful for you and your family. If so, please let us know!

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