We’ve been successfully delivering five core mastery CPD sessions for the last three years, and we’ve come to appreciate that the greatest impact and value for delegates happens when the sessions are delivered as a dynamic package.

Together, each of the five sessions fits neatly with the rest to build a complete picture of effective teaching and learning in maths. The result is our exciting, comprehensive Jigsaw programme!

Our Jigsaw package comprises of a series of five, 2-hour twilight or INSET sessions.

Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA)

Concrete objects or ‘manipulatives’ are powerful teaching tools, and fundamental to the powerful CPA approach in teaching pupils of all ages.

This session shows how concrete objects help to establish firm conceptual foundations for truly understanding mathematical concepts. We also focus on the transition into using pictorial materials and abstract methods, and how and why they work.

The session also reveals how a few key resources can be used creatively to support learning across the maths curriculum.

Introduction to Bar Modelling

Bar Modelling is a key contributor to the remarkable success of Singapore, Shanghai and other jurisdictions in empowering teachers and pupils to enjoy and master maths. An amazing and powerful pictorial strategy for revealing the structure and patterns within a maths problem, Bar Modelling promotes profound mathematical understanding and insight.

This session introduces you to the principles and practices of Bar Modelling and shows you how to use simple visual diagrams to make sense of tricky maths problems. Amazing!

Mathematical Talk and Questioning

Getting students to talk about maths can be a real challenge. Fears, lack of confidence and limited understanding of concepts all make it tough to talk maths.

The session also helps you improve your questioning skills, encourage mathematical thinking and deepen pupils’ understanding. The session also looks at the key ideas behind modelling in the maths classroom, helping pupils to build their understanding and reach new levels.

Planning for Depth

When you’re planning a lesson, what elements are uppermost in your mind? ‘What activities will my pupils carry out?’ ‘What resources will they need?’ These are clearly important considerations, but how often do you take time to consider, ‘What do I need my pupils to think about?’

This practical workshop explores ways of adapting your lessons to challenge pupils and encourage thought and enquiry, thus enriching learning and deepening their understanding.

Reasoning and Problem Solving

This final piece of the Jigsaw brings all the other elements together to reveal a complete picture, encouraging teachers to see the reasoning and problem solving in all mathematical concepts and ideas.

The key elements of reasoning and problem solving are examined in detail in this session. We explore how teachers can apply the key principles behind reasoning and ensure that every pupil can access rich, problem solving tasks.

Jigsaw: tailored to your school’s particular needs

To ensure that you get the best possible value from your Jigsaw training, we tailor the time spent and work done on the individual sessions to the needs of your school or group of schools. Wherever possible, we also make sure that all your sessions are delivered by the same White Rose Maths trainer. This allows our trainers to get to know your team well and understand how best to support them.

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Single sessions

While we recommend choosing Jigsaw as a complete programme, we appreciate that some may need to access particular skills or insights. We therefore continue to offer the five Jigsaw sessions as stand-alone options for groups or individuals. To book single sessions, please contact us directly at support@whiterosemaths.com

Combined sessions

If you’d like to book WRM for an inset day or a full-day option, we can combine two of the Jigsaw sessions. These extended versions of the sessions enable teachers to explore two elements in more detail.

To book a combined session, please contact us directly at support@whiterosemaths.com